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The SATWIK MINI INDIA EDUCATION SOCIETY, is a supreme solace and savior of countless educated mass which mission is to establish long cherished desire of the human being with a new social order of today's educational development, peace, prosperity of equal opportunity for one and all. The rich potential in our youth and masses needs to be harnessed and directed towards the attainment of the goals. Let each passing day take a step ahead on the noble cause of service to the suffering humanity its aim is empowerment of most neglected and marginalized sections of our society, so that they became capable of standing on their own strength.

SMIES The Charity

The organization has established with a creative input for crafting better live necessities an ongoing research initiative which is an imperative to envision the larger picture and policy implication that emerge from each micro intervention. More over the saga of the organization gives special emphasis on development of social educational, economical, culture and spiritual upliftment for all irrespective of cast, creed and Sex of all citizens. The following features are the best fabric of its aims and objectives.


(1) To promote integrated development of weaker section of the community and also to promote the spiritual renewal of such communities as basis to whilst development by providence of quality education with special emphasis on vocational courses which world envisage them with a livelihood. (2) To, Establish deferent educational institutions, Journalism & mass communication courses , Fashion designing & Related fields, Social work studies, scientific training and research centre, schools, colleges as well as university in obtaining required permission the competent authority if at all such permission is required to facilitate the same as per law.

Afforestation By SMIES

(3) To, make an efforts for starting different relief programmers for distressed and open residential children care such as Home, orphans, welfare old different centers for handicapped and destitute and continuing education centers such establishment of residential school, reading rooms etc. (4) To, plan and implement specific development project for the upliftment of the under privileged in the society. (5) To, impart education in different school of thought of numerous philosophies in order to harness the society at the time of catastrophic hemorrhage and to envision the spiritual upliftment of the mankind through various academic discussions.

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